Student & Community Life

Student wellbeing is the primary consideration for each Year Level staff team. This is promoted through respectful and positive relationship building and involving students in programs that support their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

The school values Cooperation, Excellence, Fairness, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility help focus our Year Level Pastoral Care program.

In Year 8 students are involved in:

  • Peer Support
  • The Woodhouse ‘Getting to know you’ day
  • Communication and Team Work activities
  • Anti bullying and Harassment workshops
  • Round Table Assessments using the Key Competencies
  • Front Office Assistant Service
  • Charities Support Week

In Year 9 students are involved in:

  • The Community Citizenship Project (CCP)
  • Active citizen
  • Goal setting, planning and organization
  • Team building
  • Presentation of achievements
  • Charities Support week

In Year 10 students are involved in:

  • Stage 1 SACE Unit: Work Education
  • (Futures Connect Week)
  • Workplace Learning
  • Work Knowledge
  • Work Skills
  • Charities Support Week

In Year 11 students are involved in:

  • Senior School induction
  • Road Safety Awareness and Accident Prevention Seminars
  • Peer Support
  • University Enrichment Program
  • Showcasing and Celebrating Achievement Across the Curriculum
  • Year 11 Forum – student voice
  • Charities Support Week

In Year 12 students are involved in:

  • Mentoring – Pathways Planning-(Further Education, Training and Employment)
  • Study Skills, Exam Preparation, SATAC applications
  • Lifewise Seminars
  • University Enrichment Program
  • School Graduation
  • Charities Support Week

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC gives voice to student opinions and needs within our school. The SRC is made up of representatives from each Year Level who are elected by their peers. There are three main sub committees of the SRC:

  • The Charities Committee
  • The Environment Committee
  • The Brighton Up Committee

Committees use the student action model (education, encouragement, enforcement and engineering) to plan and act on issues raised; for example: developing a slip stream for school buses at the back of the school and the running of ‘non uniform’ days for charity fund raising.

SRC representatives sit on all the major school committees such as the Governing Council, Uniform, Professional Development.

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program involves a group of volunteer Year 11 students who are trained in peer support to help Year 8 students develop a sense of belonging to school and support them with any issues of concern.

Peer Support leaders are trained in 4 main areas: communication, team building, decision making and personal development. Peer leaders work with Year 8 students in their homegroups as well as in the school yard.

Peer Leaders undertake the Peer Support Program as part of SACE Stage 1 Integrated Learning Studies.

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