Choosing an iPad for Year 8 2018

Recommended Model: Apple iPad 9.7 Inch Wifi Only (32GB or 128GB)

Suitable Models: iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro

iPads for year 8 and year 9 at Brighton Secondary School need to be updatable to the latest operating system released by Apple. These are the current iPad models that work with all the apps required for school. Older iPad Models are not able run all the apps that are used at school which can impact student participation in class activities.  

There is no need for any 3G (cellular) service on the iPads and WiFi only models are preferred. 3G internet incurs an extra ongoing monthly cost and cannot be filtered by the school internet filtering system. 3G is not required for school.


Your student’s iPad needs to be in a suitable case as iPads can easily get damaged at school. We recommend at a minimum the STM DUX or Studio case that covers the iPad corners or any of the “Drop proof” cases like those from ‘OtterBox’ or ‘LifeProof’. Buying a good case early will help ensure your student has their iPad for the full 2 years. Often if the screen is broken the iPad is not repairable. Even if your student is responsible with their possessions, the iPad will be in classes with many other students as well as taken to and from school in school bags and accidents happen.

Bringing your iPad to School

The iPad needs to be either new or reset completely for your student. This means that if the device has been used by a sibling or any other user, the whole iPad should be reset and updated before being passed on to your year 8 Student. This is to remove data from other users from the device. We ask that the device is also reset if it has been used at any primary school so that the old settings do not cause a conflict with our network.

Before you come to school you need to get the iPad past the welcome screens, have an Apple ID for your student to use and have downloaded the following apps:

Apple Utility Apps

• Pages
• iMovie
• Numbers
• Keynote
• Garage band

Apps set up at School
• Daymap Connect
• Meraki Systems Manager
• ownCloud
• Brighton Secondary School App

Other apps can be added as they are needed for class 

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