Pedal Prix – Co-Curriculum

The Pedal Prix is a ‘Human Powered Vehicle’ (HPV) event where teams of students manufacture, repair and maintain a human powered ‘Pedal Prix’ vehicle. The vehicle needs to meet certain specifications which are taken into account in the design phase. The team of students then compete in three races across the year – two 6-hour races at Victoria Park Raceway and the final event, a 24-hour endurance race at Murray Bridge.

This activity requires a high degree of parental involvement in the form of assisting with fitness training, practice sessions and the maintenance of the vehicles as well as attendance and assistance at the three races.

HPV events require teams to plan and devise a competition strategy to complete each event with an efficient HPV. The Series provides an environment in which young people can demonstrate:

  • Innovation (lateral thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, creativity in engineering)
  • Risk taking (design, planning and problem solving, entrepreneurial skills)
  • Collaborative learning (team skills, communication, co-operation and working with industries)
  • Confidence (taking on challenges, undertaking a task that requires perseverance and commitment, but is achievable)
  • Appreciation (understanding the nature and the relationship of human power and alternative energies to materials and manufacturing systems)
  • Generates enthusiasm, industry and commitment amongst students
  • Gives practical relevance to many areas of study
  • Encourages cross-curriculum linkages
  • Brings together a broad cross-section of people to plan and work cooperatively
  • Generates other linkages between educational institutions, business and industry and community groups.

There are responsibilities for students involved in the Pedal Prix at Brighton Secondary School. These include; fitness training and fundraising throughout the year, regular attendance at meetings, returning of forms etc. and being involved in the building and maintenance of the vehicles. Students in year 10 and 11 can become a team manager and then become eligible for a SACE unit.

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